If you’re local to Lexington, Ky., our publications can be found at SQecial Media.  If you’re located elsewhere (or simply want to have an envelope arrive at your door), you can order directly from us through our Etsy shop (which accepts credit cards) or through the direct-to-Paypal links listed below.  We ship every week!  (If shipping to other than your Paypal-provided address, please email us at osedaxpress@gmail.com to let us know.)

Divinations by Christopher McCurry (Osedax Press, 28 cards.) $12.95 + shipping/handling. Each collection is signed and numbered by the author, hand-packaged in origami paper, and bound with a wax seal.


Exactly Like Love by Alan Walowitz (Osedax Press, 36 pages.) $7 + shipping/handling. SECOND PRINTING! We’re fully stocked — you can order at the following link.

Subscription to Scrimshander Books : Four volumes of Scrimshander Books can be delivered to your doorstep by a friendly mailperson!  You’ll receive a copy of the current volume (How Not to Be a Wallflower) and the next three as they’re released, unless you specify otherwise.  With a subscription, you also save on the usual shipping+handling fees.  $20 for four volumes!

Scrimshander Books titles:  Only interested in certain themes?  You can purchase individual volumes for $5 + shipping and handling.

How Not to Be a Wallflower (Volume #4 of Scrimshander Books; 20 pages) — BUY THIS ISSUE, GET ANY SCRIMSHANDER BACK ISSUE FOR FREE! Just email us at osedaxpress @ gmail.com and let us know your preference once you’ve placed your order.


Facts You Should Know About Digestion (Volume #3 of Scrimshander Books; 20 pages)


Beneficial Exercises for Heart Disturbances (Volume #2 of Scrimshander Books; 20 pages)

Death: And Its Problems (cover design by Ed Franklin)

Death: And Its Problems (Volume #1 of Scrimshander Books; 20 pages)

Jeremy Paden broadside

“I Wish We Were Sperm Whales” Broadside : 8×10 digital print of Jeremy Paden’s poem from Facts You Should Know About Digestion, an upcoming volume of Scrimshander Books.   $5 each!  A limited number are signed by the author.


Thank you for your interest in our tiny press!  Please email us at osedaxpress@gmail.com if you have any questions about these or upcoming publications.