In the spirit of E. Haldeman-Julius’s 1920s series of Little Blue Books, from which these volumes borrow their titles, Scrimshander seeks to convey a range of knowledge and creativity to a wide audience for as little expense as possible. Like their predecessors, Scrimshander Books will favor writing that engages, upsets, amuses, and/or seeks to eke out new truths via any means necessary.

    • Death: And Its Problems (available now!)
    • Beneficial Exercises for Heart Disturbances (available now!)
    • Facts You Should Know About Digestion: A Trip Through the Alimentary Canal and What Happened There  (available now!)
    • How Not to Be a Wallflower (forthcoming later this year!)

Scrimshander is open to all genres of writing.  Poetry, fiction, and non-fiction are welcome, however traditional or experimental.  However, we favor brevity: please submit only poems that fit on a single page and prose of 1500 words or fewer.  We also ask that you submit only work that you believe fits an upcoming theme (however loosely you choose to interpret it!).  Submissions have closed for our fifth issue, IS THE MOON A DEAD WORLD?, but a new theme will be announced later this year.  Bookmark our submissions page for details!