Osedax Press was founded in 2014 and is based in Lexington, Ky.


Morgan Adams, Osedax Press editor-in-chief & poetry editor
morgankirstenadams at gmail dot com / instagram

In her youth, Morgan served as editor-in-chief for the illustrious publications Things Magazine and Plastic Hat, which reached a national readership of literally dozens. She went on to get her MFA in creative writing from Indiana University and publish a chapbook, In Nonestica (Accents Publishing, 2013), which drew on myths, family history, and the stories of Oz. Now she works full-time in a local bookstore and takes pictures of buildings at night.

Jasmine Sawers, prose editor
website / twitter

Jasmine is originally from Buffalo, NY.  and received her fiction MFA from Indiana University.  Her short story “The Culling” won the Ploughshares Emerging Writers Contest for fiction in 2012. She collects tales of butt-related mishaps.

Ed Franklin, logo creator and artistic collaborator
tumblr / facebook

Ed is a Lexington-based artist and designer best known for his Doll Project and his organization of celebratory and community-focused arts exhibitions such as Saudades, Encre Blanc Rouge Noire, and Tarot. Legend has it he lost his mother to a tragic whale harpooning accident.

Delmar Reffett, intern & chapbook editor/coordinator

Delmar is from the wilds of Kentucky. He’s a PhD student and literary critic. He once nearly fell off a hay wagon, but his brother wasn’t so lucky.