OSEDAX PRESS SUBMISSIONS ARE TEMPORARILY CLOSED. Thank you for your patience as we spend some time with your poems, stories, and manuscripts — we want to give them the attention they deserve! (And our chapbook editor has to write a dissertation at some point, too. Whoops.) We’ll announce when we’re ready for more!


We’re always looking for new and exciting poems, essays, stories, and visual art to include in our projects. Unless otherwise indicated, Osedax Press will only consider previously unpublished work. Read on to get an idea of the kinds of creative work that interest us.


In the spirit of E. Haldeman-Julius’s 1920s series of Little Blue Books, from which these volumes borrow their titles, Scrimshander seeks to convey a range of knowledge and creativity to a wide audience for as little expense as possible. Like their predecessors, Scrimshander Books will favor writing that engages, upsets, amuses, and/or seeks to eke out new truths via any means necessary.

Scrimshander is open to all genres of writing.  Poetry, fiction, and non-fiction are welcome, however traditional or experimental.  However, we favor brevity: please submit only poems that fit on a single page and prose of 1500 words or fewer.  We also ask that you submit only work that you believe fits an upcoming theme (however loosely you choose to interpret it!).

Please submit your work through Submittable.  SUBMISSIONS ARE CLOSED for our upcoming fifth issue, IS THE MOON A DEAD WORLD?  Please stay tuned; a new theme will be announced later this year.  Simultaneous submissions are welcomed; just let us know as soon as you can if your work will be published elsewhere.  Please send no more than five pieces of writing during a single submission period.   Unfortunately, we cannot offer monetary payment for published work.

We are also seeking ART and ILLUSTRATIONS that fit the open theme(s)! As with written submissions, any genre is accepted, but black-and-white or grayscale images are preferred for easier print reproduction. Send your high-quality .jpgs to us through Submittable or email

(You are more than welcome to submit both art and writing. These submissions will count separately, so you can, for instance, submit both five poems AND five photographs if you so desire.)


We’re always interested in new ideas for small press projects.  If you have a poem just calling out to be a broadside, a collection of poems that seems like it might be a chapbook, or a piece of black-and-white visual art that you think might look great in a zine or Scrimshander booklet, go ahead and send it our way.  We’ll let you know if we’re interested in using your work or if we might be interested in the future!  Payment will be in copies of the finished project.  Same as above, submit your file(s) to the “Osedax Press” category on Submittable (preferred) or attach the .doc or .jpg/.png/.pdf to an email and send it to  Please write “SUBMISSION FOR PRESS” in the subject line.  Include a cover letter describing your submission and your idea(s) for how it might find a home in an Osedax Press project.  At this time, we are not interested in full-length book manuscripts.

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